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How big are the units available?

Onsite Mini Storage Units come in 3 sizes, they are all 9 foot wide and are available in 12 foot, 18 foot, and 22 foot deep.

What is the best deal you have?

If you go for our yearly Storage Unit Plans on the size that fits your needs you will be saving hundreds monthly by paying up front for the year.  Also if you want other payment options you can call us to discuss.

How soon will I receive my unit?

We are located in Grand Junction Colorado. For any local units we have available you could receive your unit within 24-48 hours of payment. You could always schedule for a specific time and day if you prefer.

How many units do you have?

We build units as needed we have a number of units ready to go as we speak. if we need more we will build them as needed to supply the Western Slopes storage needs.

Can I see a unit before I buy?

Absolutely! Call us and set up an appointment to see a unit before we bring it over to you.

What if I'm done with my unit?

Call us to let us know the expected pick-up date and we will come and pick it up for you. Please provide us with at least 48 hours notice for pickups.

How long can I rent this unit for?

We rent units out around your needs If you need it for a few years no problem! if you need it just for a few months thats no problem either. 

I'm a Business in need of multiple units, How many units can I rent?

As many as you need as long as we have them ready to go. When it comes to long-term and business customers we would like to have a conversation to maximize your needs and provide the lowest cost available. Contact us to discuss your storage needs.

Are they secure?

Absolutely, We provide units that you can padlock as needed to protect whatever you are storing and for when you are not around. We believe that security is important no matter where you live.

Can I buy the Unit?

This is all depending on how many units we have available and a few other factors. Call for inquireies.

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